Friday, December 9, 2011

xmas show

These needle felted girls traveled to the holiday fair at Bœrum Husflid at Vøyen gård in Norway. 
They are all made of wool.

christmas girls


the whole gang ready to travel

December 9th

It is freezing in the morning when Celia and I walk to school. So I knitted fingerless puls warmers for us both, mine without flowers :)

Toadstool houses with small mushroom girl residents in the making,
the houses has been wet felted and the girls will be needle felted

Friday, February 11, 2011

patches, patches and more patches

The blanket is slowly growing. I have 40 pieces and a lot to go...
I crochet a patch or two when I am not too tired at night. So maybe by summer time I will have a blanket.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunshine Day Afghan

I am so excited, I am learning how to crochet!! I have been knitting since I was pretty young but never learned how to crochet. 
I have admired Alicia Paulson's crochet work on her lovely blog for quite some time and finally decided to make her Sunshine Day Afghan.

I purchased her pattern from her web page, made a trip to Imagiknit in San Francisco. Yay, a reason for a stop by the yarn shop is always welcome. I don't think I have ever walked out of a yarn store without new ideas or plans for future or present projects. My first job was in a yarn shop, I was never payed my allowance since I every month had used it all on yarn...

So I sat down to learn... I quickly discovered that I could not read the pattern. I knew none of the abbreviations for crocheting. SO, online I went and looked up every single stitch. Very confusing for a little while until a few you tube tutorials sorted it all out for me.
My first piece did not quite look the way Alicia's squares did. I should have taken a photo of it, instead I undid the piece and started over. After starting over quite a few times, I finally did it! My granny squares was looking like Alicia's! 

So, I have so far made 30 pieces, I have uhm... about 100 or 150 left, so it will take some time....
Which is OK, I am loving this project. Thanks Alicia for a lovely design :)