Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunshine Day Afghan

I am so excited, I am learning how to crochet!! I have been knitting since I was pretty young but never learned how to crochet. 
I have admired Alicia Paulson's crochet work on her lovely blog for quite some time and finally decided to make her Sunshine Day Afghan.

I purchased her pattern from her web page, made a trip to Imagiknit in San Francisco. Yay, a reason for a stop by the yarn shop is always welcome. I don't think I have ever walked out of a yarn store without new ideas or plans for future or present projects. My first job was in a yarn shop, I was never payed my allowance since I every month had used it all on yarn...

So I sat down to learn... I quickly discovered that I could not read the pattern. I knew none of the abbreviations for crocheting. SO, online I went and looked up every single stitch. Very confusing for a little while until a few you tube tutorials sorted it all out for me.
My first piece did not quite look the way Alicia's squares did. I should have taken a photo of it, instead I undid the piece and started over. After starting over quite a few times, I finally did it! My granny squares was looking like Alicia's! 

So, I have so far made 30 pieces, I have uhm... about 100 or 150 left, so it will take some time....
Which is OK, I am loving this project. Thanks Alicia for a lovely design :)


  1. I am really struggling with this pattern. I hope I can figure it out. I bought the yarn weight she recommended in the pattern but it is too thin. I also can't figure out Round 2 small puff sequence at all. I have the you tube thing too but not helping so much. Was Round 4 hard? I did make one square that turned out "ok" but I was stumped with reading Round 4. It's a difficult pattern to read.

  2. I did not know how to crochet and had never read a crochet pattern, so I had to watch YouTube tutorials several times to understand what the abbreviations meant. Round 4 was OK but it took a little while to get it right. It is fun pattern once you get a hang of it.