Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making Peg Dolls - a lovely craft book

I was so lucky to receive a copy of my friend Margaret's book Making Peg Dolls a little while ago. The book will be in stores this February and is full sweet ideas and tutorials of how to create cute little characters using wooden pegs and wool felt.

My little nephew Max had his christening on January 30th and my sister wanted to use toys as table decor. We decided the peg dolls would fit perfectly together with a collection of other wooden toys she already had.

I was really excited to get started on the project and got so carried away that I barely had time to prepare for our christmas celebration :) The dolls were quick to make and turned out so cute. I ended up making a whole little army of dolls.
Visit Margaret at her blog we bloom here to see more of her creative and fun crafts.

Miss C made her own peg dolls, she has plans for many more :)

The peg dolls was packed in my hand luggage and off we went to Norway, to celebrate Max's big day.

 Take a look at Margaret's lovely blog to find out about her book events at various book stores in the Bay Area. She will be at Kepler'Books on February 10th.  Sign up in advance to make you own peg doll with Margaret.

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