Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer surprise

Every day at around 4 we hear barking, it is the arrival of the mailman. Dash dutifully warns us that we have an intruder outside our fence. The barking quickly stops as soon as the mailman has placed the mail in its slot and left. But yesterday Dash did not stop barking. When we ( Oliver, Celia and I ) reached the door to investigate the situation, Dash was proud to show us the arrival of a box!

Since there are no birthdays coming up before November we were very curious. We quickly opened the box and inside we found presents!!! Lots of exciting presents. We love presents! Our dear friend Sissel, Jonah and Synnøve had sent us summer surprises all the way from Norway.

Lots of treasures!

Thank you soooooo much! We loved it. Loved it, loved it. loved it!

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