Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rhubarb and Plum Jam

Summer vacation is coming to an end. Oliver and Celia are going back to school tomorrow. Yet again, our summer flew by so fast. In hope to preserve a little bit of this summer I have been making jam. Lots of jam!

I found a great plum and rhubarb jam recipe at a lovely blog named apple & spice . It was easy to make and tasted fantastic!
The recipe asked for brow sugar which gave the jam a rich flavor. It also gives instructions on canning without boiling the jars in a big pot of water. Which means, no splashing scolding hot water around the kitchen, a big plus. I had so much fun and the house smelled heavenly.

I had loads of strawberries so I ended up with strawberry and rhubarb jam too.

The success of the plum and rhubarb jam made me try another recipe from the same blog. Plum and vanilla jam!
You add a vanilla pod to the jam while cooking, and it smelled so good! After canning the jam Adel and I sampled the jam on crackers with some goat cheese gouda and brie and a glass of Savignon Blanc. Incredible.
I think the jam will also be great over ice cream and on crepes.

Thursday night is farmers market here in San Carlos. Last week was wonderful. The berries and peaches were so flavorful, seemed to be at its peak.
My plan is to pick up some blackberries and raspberries for one more batch of jam.

A little bit of summer in a jar.

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