Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gingerbread house and other fun holiday things

Our gingerbread house this year is larger than we normally have. I have usually bought pre made kits, but this year I decided to tackle an real one. After it was baked I got to enjoy decorating it with white icing. SO much fun.

I was dreaming away of pastel colored candy and powder sugar to finish it of, but that would not have been fair to Oliver and Celia who patiently was waiting for me to finis the house so they could bombard it with candy decoration.
So we invited their favorite people in the whole world, cousin Chloe and cousin Nicolas to come
over to bake cookies and decorate the house.

It turned out really cute with loads of candy on the roof!
The kids can not wait until Christmas comes so they can smash the house with a hammer and eat the candy and icing. Sooo much suggar....

The window display at Tiffany & Co is amazing this year! The paper art is beautiful, made me want to go home and sharpen my scissors.

I love the sled and the frost branches, and my moms profile in the refleciton.

My mom and Celia making marzipan 'nisser' / santa

I sent a load of christmas cards to Norway last week. It made me realize how
close we are to christmas. Only a week and a half left! Oliver and Celia are counting
down the days, writing wish lists and making little treasures. My mom has been visiting so together we have been busy making gingerbread house and cookies, marzipan, glazed almonds and caramels.

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