Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip to San Francisco and lots of treats

Today we spent the whole entire day in San Francisco. We brought a happy Dash along, he was jumping back and forth between us when he saw us bring out his leash. His name could have been buckaroo, it would have suited him nicely.
We parked under Bay Bridge and walked over to the ferry building. Had lunch outside in the sun and all agreed that San Francisco is a beautiful city on a sunny day like today.

On our way to get gelato from Ciao Bella we stumbled upon Miette bakery and sweet shop. We somehow  ended up with a cake ( had not planed to eat cake today but now we will, love those unplanned events) and some other fun treats. We slowly walked back to our car carefully carrying our beautiful treasure, a bittersweet chocolate cake with Italian meringue icing.

After a visit to our favorite park, where Adel and I always sigh and say something like 'I wish we were still living here in San Francisco' we drove down to what turned out to become my new favorite knitting store. Imagiknit! What a treat. Thanks Denise for the tip!

I got stainless steel and wool yarn from Habu and can not wait until tonight when I get started on my new scarf. Just need to find my knitting needles that I so neatly organized away. Now I can not find them at all...

This was one of the best days ever, Oliver says. We have had a few of them and this was certainly one of them. We have some cake that needs to be devoured so we better get cracking.

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