Monday, January 30, 2012

morning walk

I took Dash out for his walk this morning. Same old streets, houses and front yards. Same as yesterday and the day before and before that again and ...  
So to make it a little more exciting I looked at the plants in the front yards we
passed by. There are so many beautiful plants and patterns that the leaves or branches

This tree/shrub was packed with blue flowers. Love the winter blooming trees, should
make a note to plant one like this in my yard!

Beautiful ferns

and rows of ferns

I love the pattern this round soft shrubs makes. 

Don't know what trees these are, does anyone know? Amazing mounds of
yellow flowers. I have seen them in the summer without flowers, the leaves are
grey/sage green. They are very nice trees what ever their names are.

My favorite, a naked tree with beautiful branches. 

Now off to work on some projects! Have a nice day.

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