Sunday, January 29, 2012

warm winter

We had thick fog the other morning. You could actually see the water in the air, It looked like fine snow. By the time I took Dash for his morning walk the fog was starting to burn off. I saw the tree in the photo on my walk to the coffee shop. It looked massive and dark, quite a powerful contrast to the soft fog. I loved it. A fairytale tree.

The weather has been great lately. It does not feel like winter at all. I managed to get rid of an incredible amount of dead leaves and branches in the yard. It made me feel so fortunate to be able to garden in January. Our vegetable planter box was full of weeds and debris. The strawberries I planted last year does not seem to mind the neglect it has received and had a tiny little white strawberry and a couple in the making. It made me happy to see this small little gnarly berry under all the clover and dead leaves.
I removed all the junk around the plant and will make sure to give it some fertilizer to say thank you.

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