Monday, February 27, 2012

Birds nest in the rain gutter, rain on it's way..

Not sure how this will end.. 
Mama bird is blocking the outlet of the gutter, by Wednesday she will be swimming poor thing.
We have a few days of rain ahead of us.

Last year the Doves built their nest in the same exact spot. A nasty Bluebird came along, feathers
flew.. The doves never came back.

The nest was removed to make sure it did not happen again but I guess the Doves really like
this spot. Yesterday we noticed they are back again.
Who needs a gutter? I guess we do not. Jut don't think mama bird would like go get her
nest wet.


  1. That was nice of you to let the birds live in your gutter, even if only for a while. :) But you’ll have to watch out for them. You see, clogged gutters will interfere with the regular drainage flow. And your roof and siding will suffer the most when that happens. I’m just concerned, as this has happened to me. It would be that time of the year again in two months’ time. What do you plan to do, Anette?

  2. Maybe so, but you really need to do something about it. Moving those lovely doves to a new spot is the best solution because if you let them stay, your gutter will be the one to compromise later on. But if you don't have the heart to do it, the best thing you could do is to regularly monitor the condition of your gutter system. Make sure that the birds' nests don't block the surface.

    Roscoe Dansby @ Gutter Helmet

  3. The doves stayed for a short time in our gutter ,once they abandoned the nest we were able to remove it and block their access. Now they are back but nesting in our apple tree :) love their cooing sounds