Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day of exploring outdoor art installations in Palo Alto

On our way home from Palo Alto, my little guy Oliver and I were driving past Palo Alto Art Center. We stopped to see the installation of Lawn Bowls - Lawn bowling balls made from 10 000 recycled plastic bags. Assembled by close to 100 people. The balls were scattered on the lawn in front of Palo Alto Lawn Bowls Club.  We took the time to walk through the exhibit. What a great way to 
make something not interesting turn into something very interesting.

We got back in the car and drove two more blocks only to see an amazing structure in the park outside Palo Alto Art Club! Again we stopped the car and walked over to investigate.

The installation looked like a dream like village or  from Dr Seuss and Moomin

Turns our it was one of  Patrick Dougherty's incredible sculptures. Made from tons of Willow vines.

Oliver investigates

Willow branches weaves in an out of the walls in a beautiful flow. You can walk inside the entire structure. You can touch the walls. Look up at the flow of branches above your head.
I felt as if I was inside a tree, a very special tree.

An amazing piece of art, I really like that it is set up to be walked through, touched  and enjoyed by everyone. One day it will deteriorate, then it will be made into wood chips and spread out in the parks.
What a nice use of our nature.

This picture reminds me of a crazy birdhouse village

 Peeking through a window

As a stark contrast to the flowing lines of Drocherty's sculpture you will find Jerome Kirk's "Homage to Silence"

Oliver spent 30 minutes trying to climb to the top. He absolutely loved the sculpture. The circles swivel and move so he finally
had to give up and decided instead to create his own art 

We will be back to explore some more. I asked my little guy if it made sense to make bowling balls out of plastic bags and placing them on the law and there was no doubt in his mind that it made totally sense.
Love how kids accept and understands things that adults sometimes questions. Love their way of thinking.

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