Thursday, February 2, 2012

lovely day in San Francisco

Lovely are friends that treasure the little details in our world, the wonderful 
little things that makes you feel so blessed to be alive.

A  window display, a beautifully tiled floor
a paper dress on a mannequin,
a cup of coffee made
with care.

 I had an amazing day in my favorite city with great friends, what a treat.

First stop Ritual Coffee on Hayes st. The coffee shop is in a container that will be there for a few years until the city decides what will be built in the spot.

A beautiful red meat truck stands parked next to the coffee shop. It was closed, oh well we did not have a cooler anyway. Maybe next time on the way out of town we will stop by to shop for dinner.
Loved the lights that were strung across the yard!

Sidewalk garden/patio placed through out the city create outdoor seating and it is only taking up two/three parking spots. What a fine idea!

Made our way down to Union St. We had breakfast at Roses Cafe, my favorite for years! 

My breakfast pizza was smiling to me

Fillmore st. 

Had to try a salad at Roostertail on Sutter St, before running down to Japan Town 
and back up to the car.
Hm, the car had a parking ticket but we agreed we had such a wonderful day so
we managed to not let that pop our bubble :)

Happy, lucky and grateful!

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