Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trip to Costanoa

Back to normal! My guys had ski break/ winter vacation this last week.  
Since this winter has been exceptionally dry and at times very mild 
there is no snow to speak off. So instead of going to the mountains like we usually do for 'skiweek' we decided to do a last minute trip down the coast. 
Packed the car full of games, books and knitting. Loaded the bikes on 
the bike rack. And off we went to Costanoa.

We stayed in a cabin and loved it.

The view from our balcony the first morning.

We woke up to beautiful weather and set out on 
a looooong bike ride. It was not supposed to be 
that long but the lady in the lobby must have misunderstood us
when we asked for her to recommend a not so hilly and an easy
trail for kids! Hm, it was uphill on steep uneven terrain just
about half of the way 1 1/2 miles. Had to push our
bikes until we were halfway then... all down hill.

 An awesome down hill!!

We made it back, it was quite an adventure! 

Later in the evening after roasting marshmallows at one of the outdoors fireplaces
we popped down to the beach to the tide pools. The sunset was amazing.

Next two days were windy!!

The little guys wants to come back and try the tent cabins, but that would have
to be in the summer time. They have no heaters and it was cold!

Heading home, view through the sunroof.

It was about 10 degrees warmer inland and no wind! As soon as we had unloaded the car we took our pooch for a walk to buy ice cream. 
We were happy to have been on our adventure and
also happy to be back home in San Carlos.

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