Friday, February 10, 2012

I knit you my heart..

Buttons were on my list of things to buy at JoAnn's today, not yarn. But, one can simply
not just hit that shop without exiting with something completely different than what you came
in for. For some reason that shop has that effect on me.
So I wandered around and all of a sudden found my self carrying two skeins of Alpine Wool from Lion Brand Yarn to the register... or something like that.
I usually do not buy yarn there but this was supposed to be good for felting so I got the great Idea that I would knit and felt an octopus for the kids. By the time I was home the octopus idea had changed a few times and ended on a heart with arms, legs and eyes. 
Off to Friday Morning Crafting group I went and came home with the beginning of a heart. As the kids played in the afternoon the legs and arms came to life. Voila I had a little friend.

Felted it a little bit but I had a hard time getting it to felt. Hm.. not sure if it is the yarn or if I just did not work on it long engough. Decided that it did not need to be felted at all and threw it on the heater to dry.
It is now adopted by a little girl in my house.

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