Wednesday, February 1, 2012

paper flower tutorial

I love crepe paper flowers. They are great decorations for a party. I have usually make them for my daughters birthday party. We have hung them from the wall with streamers and garlands, used them as decor on the treat bags the kids have brought home and piled them in a basket as table decor. 

To make these flowers you will need:

- roll of streamer made from crepe paper
-floral tape
-flower stamens

For these flowers I bought the flower stamens from a local art supply store you might be able to find them at Michaels or you can order them from Blumchen 
The streamers can be found in party supply stores. The floral tape you will find at Michaels 

Cut a 35 cm or 14" piece of streamer and round off the corers with you scissors like in the picture.
Place the flower stamen in one end of the crepe paper and fold/gather the bottom of the paper towards the flower stem.
Continue gathering the bottom of the paper working around the stem.

I continue working the paper two rounds around the stamen

Gather the paper tight at the stamen.

Place the floral tape on the outside of the flower petal, about 1- 1 1/2 cm or 1/2" wrap the 
floral tape tightly around the gathered paper at an angle spiraling towards the stem of the flower.
Continue wrapping the floral tape towards the end of the stamen, the tape is sticky and can neatly
finish at the end of the stamen.

I like to carefully push and pull the paper a little after the flower is finished to give it a little
more natural look. 

Happy flower making!

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