Sunday, March 18, 2012

Filoli Garden

Little Miss C has been wanting to go to Filoli Gardens for a while. She has been there a few times before. Every time we go we say we will return with our sketch books. C wants to sit in the garden 
and draw or paint the flowers around her. 
So today even though the weather was really cold 
we took off to Filoli with our sketch books in my bag.

Visiting the doves in the Garden House

Time for sketching, Miss C sitting outside the Garden House facing the Walled Garden.
We sat down for 30 min then had to move around, it was very cold!
Lunch in the cafe helped.

The wintery gardens looks lovely. No flowers and leaves on the trees, just
geometric hedges planted in strict straight lines, the old crabapple
trees contrast them beautifully.

One of the many gates and archways.
An abundance of Daffodils are planted in pots through the property. 

Tulips framing the doorways. 

This flower arrangement framing the main entrance to the house 
had an incredibly sweet and intense scent. 

 We walked through the main house and imagined what it would have been like to visit it in the 1920's,
to be present at a ball or visit in the drawing room. Miss C would have liked to explore the library and I would have loved to see the beautifully dressed guests dance in the ball room.

Love the olive grove by the visitor center, very different from the formal gardens on the other side of the house.

This was a great outing, perfect for a little artist in the making.
She has plans for more sketches, so we will be back soon.


  1. Love the photos! I have not been to Filoli in a few years. It is such a special place!

  2. Thank you. I decided to go more often. I think I will bring my book next time and sit in a quiet spot for a little while.