Saturday, March 24, 2012

knitting fever

My little sister has a itty bitty baby boy in her belly :) so I will soon be an auntie!!!
She just came to visit, all the way from Norway. So nice to see her and her belly!
We spent the day together in San Francisco yesterday. Breakfast at Roses, a favorite, 
maternity clothes shopping on Sacramento St, and a stop at the yarn shop. We picked
out yarn for a baby bunting suit. I can't wait to get started. Fun, fun, fun.

I had also started knitting a little baby bunny a few days ago.

I started out without a pattern and wrote down what I was doing each round
so I could recreate the bunny one more time if I wanted to. Have a feeling my little miss
C would like one too when she sees it. Got tired of writing down the patten after the head was
in place, so I stopped. Hope to be able to see what I have done later on.. might be hard.

 Bunny face emerging

 Miss C saw the bunny and claim that this toy would not be so much fun for tante Rikkes's baby boy, it might be better for bigger kids like her... Just a suggestion I guess... :) 
Might have to make two like I had suspected.

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