Saturday, March 3, 2012

Japan Town in San Francisco - a great outing with the kids

My little guys woke up really early this morning,  for a Saturday it seems early to start the day at 7 am. Funny how I can not get them out of bed on a school day while on the weekend they are up and about at the crack of dawn...

So, by 9 we were dressed and ready to start the day. I gave them the choice of heading to the tide pool in Half Moon Bay or Japan Town in San Francisco. Japan Town won, yay!  (just what I wished for :)

Since we got there a little while before the shops opened, it left us time to swing by Fillmore St for a cup of coffee. Double yay!! 

The kids loved Japan Town, all the fun sweets, the toys and cute little things. A great place for a family outing. 

banana white chocolate mochi :)

Miss C bought a surprise package at the book store. It had some very
cute forest animals in it.

I was hoping the kids would be up for sushi or Benihana for lunch, but
no they wanted to head out. So we did, we will be back for 
sushi another day though. I think the little guys were a bit overwhelmed with
all the new impressions.

On the way out of town we stopped in Hayes Valley to buy candy from Miette
my favorite little bakery/candy shop. And we managed
to have lunch next door before we 
drove home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the sun.

We will return to Japan Town in April for the Cherry Blossom Festival

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