Wednesday, March 21, 2012

homemade crayons - fun craft!

Today I sorted through the kids art supply closet. It was full of paint, paper glue and glitter. 
There were two large ziplock bags full of crayons. My little guys are 8 and 11 and don't use their crayons anymore. I joked with the kids and told them that we could melt them into one large crayon. O thought that was a great idea.

We heated the oven to 250 F.

Peeled off the paper on the crayons. It takes a while to remove the labels from that many crayons!

Broke the crayons into small pieces.

I pulled all my fun cake molds out. Crossed my fingers and hoped they would not get ruined from the  melted wax.

 We placed the trays in the oven and checked on them every five minutes. The colors melted and floated into each other. Very cool. 
It did not take long before we had lots of different crayons in fun shapes.

The gingerbread boys looks just like chocolate figures. O almost tricked his dad into tasting one.

The crayons popped nicely out of the molds, thank goodness. With exception of the silicone mold they all  look like they survived our project.
Great craft for everyone! I had just as much fun as the kids while making these. 
I think our new crayons would make great little gifts for the kids to give to their little friends.

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