Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allied Artist Guild in Menlo Park

A visit to the Allied Artist Guild in the rain. What a hidden gem! I had been there almost 20 years ago, oh that made me feel ancient... 20 years ago during my first year here in California, I stopped by
the Allied Artist Guild in Menlo Park. I don't think I knew how to appreciate such a beautiful
garden then. 
I stopped by with a friend who had reminded me of this
beautiful place. The magnolia and cherry trees were blooming. Mandarins
hanging on the citrus trees. 

Artists rent working/retail space and show case their work here.
We stopped by a very cute pottery place and charming floral shop/boutique.

Found this treasure at Royal Bloom a shop worth coming back to! The hair pins are made
by Joan O'Neill a local artist. 

Next time we will stop by the Blue Garden Cafe for lunch and hopefully sit outside 
in the sun.

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