Friday, March 16, 2012

secret garden

I made this chick after my morning walk the other day, before
the rain started. ( We have had rain for a few days now)

There were so many orange and yellow flowers in the 
neighborhood I walked through so I thought I would make something
with similar colors.

mixed media figure made with cotton, paper and paint

I often walk down Edgewood rd at the border of San Carlos and Redwood City.
The houses are large and the lots are park like. 
It is a beautiful neighborhood.

One of the properties intrigues me. The front garden is incredibly overgrown with
huge trees and shrubs that are weighing the poor wooden fence down. You can 
barely see parts of the roof of the house from the street.

My first thought was that the property has been neglected for a long time, until 
I looked closer at the trees and bushes. They are all very exotic and

I am now sure there is a horticulturist living behind the fence. There are sometimes wooden ladders leaning on the trees, work is being done. Plants are being moved.
Every now and then when the gate is not properly closed you can see
parts of the garden. It looks incredible, an abundance of plants and
a fairytale house. 

I have imagined the person living there. He looks a bit like Monet when he
was old. He has a long white beard. 

Love this beautiful birdhouse hanging outside the fence. 

I would love to sit in this secret garden and maybe sketch or just read a book. 
I hope I one day run into the person that lives behind the
fence, just so see if I was right. If he has a long
white beard :)

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